iostat Commands

iostat – Display only cpu statistics
$ iostat -c
iostat – Display only disk I/O statistics
$ iostat -d
iostat – Display only network statistics
$ iostat -n
iostat – Display I/O data in MB/second
$ iostat -m
iostat – Display I/O statistics only for a device
$ iostat -p sda
iostat – Display timestamp information
$ iostat -t
iostat – Display Extended status
$ iostat -x
To display extended information for a specific partition (For example, /dev/sda1), 
do the following.
$ iostat -x sda1
iostat – Execute Every x seconds (for y number of times)
$ iostat 2
To execute every 2 seconds for a total of 3 times, do the following.
$ iostat 2 3
iostat – Display LVM statistic (and version)
$ iostat -N

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