“Tech Talks” aim at helping Admins by providing solutions for issues which I have faced in various environments. The categories provided has articles related to “Installation and Configuration”, “maintenance”, “security”, “commands”, “architecture” and “troubleshooting”. These articles are divided according their technology.

Many of the articles are either copied or referred from websites for different workarounds. The context of these articles depend on issues that were explicitly faced in environments and are only a single way of approach to the problem and foresee alternatives from you all in the form of comments. I did scribble and jot the contents and had to dump all at one place, HURRAY!!! we are here.

As we know, technologies are advancing and booming in all dimensions. A ray of help in resolving and troubleshooting one’s technical issues can be a turnaround in his career. As old men say “Knowledge is gained by sharing”, is the principle behind this website. I will be contributing all sorts of technical stuffs that I come across and forums will be always open for good and healthy technical discussions. Expect your valuable comments and suggestions.

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